tAK Analyser

tAK Analyser:


tAK diagrag 2 small.png

  • Reagent Cartridge

The reagent cartridge contains the reagents needed to analyse the remaining tAK on the test strip. It contains enough reagents to carry out up to 24 tests. It has been designed to be safe and easy to handle.


  • Barcode Reader:

The Barcode reader is capable of reading both linear and 2D GS1 barcodes. It is wireless so can be taken out of the tAK Analyser and be used to collect key information from around the CSSD such as: Machine ID, Tray ID, and User ID. When docked back in the tAK Analyser the data collected is transferred automatically. The barcode reader features it own screen to aid in instructing the user which data points need to be collected.


  • The Carousel

The carousel holds the test tubes used to receive the test strips and perform the tAK measurement. This is also where the vial containing one of the reagents is placed. The carousel is housed inside the tAK Analyser where is it actuated to perform the test analysis.


  • USB Output

The tAK Analyser has a USB output to allow the user to download the test results for further analysis, trending, and to keep for audit purposes.

tAK Analyser:

The testing procedure

  • The user takes the mobile barcode reader to the machine being tested and records all the necessary information such as the Machine ID, Cycle Type, the tray the test was placed in, and of course scans the test itself.
  • They then  take the barcode reader and test device(s) back to the tAK Analyser for testing.
  • With the barcode reader docked the tAK Analyser pulls down all the information collected, and then asks the user to identify which test is to be analyser by rescanning a one of the retrieved tests.
  • The analyser then opens a shutter to reveal a test tube for the user to dispense the test strip using a simple push down action to prise open the holder.
  • If there are multiple tests to be carried out then the analyser asks for one test at a time and each time presents the user with a new tube.
  • Once all the tests are loaded, the analyser carries out each test in turn and presents the user with the results on the screen.

tAK Analyser:

The priming procedure

  • Once a set of reagents and tubes has been used up the user will be prompted to dispose of them – the tAK Analyser is then ready to recive a new set of reagents and tubes.
  • The user is asked to scan the new cartridge, the analyser checks the cartridge is valid and then opens the door to the tower where the cartridge can then be inserted.
  • The door to the tower in then closed, upon which the analyser will open the door on the front of the analyser to give the user access to the carousel.
  • The user then fills the carousel with test tubes and the reagent vial.
  • Once this is placed back in the analyser, it then performs a number of checks and then primes itself ready for testing.